Board Blog

Hello dear members,

This week it is my turn to write the boardblog. Altough I have enough to write about, I still find it difficult to write this blog.
The past week, the whole board needed a while to recover from the boardweekend. Unfortunately, we did not have the time for that. On Monday, Milou and I had to attend a meeting with the other study associations. Which was of course very useful. After that we had drinks on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with the board of some other study associations. They were a lot of fun and we got to know the boards even better.

Beside the board activities, Wednesday the first Apollo activity of 2019 took place, a lecture organized by the Lecture. The lecture was giving by an employee of the GGD. She told about the new Environmental code. I found the lecture very interesting, I hope you found it interesting as well!


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