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Dear members,

I really don’t want to learn for the exams, so I am procrastinating by writing this board blog. Last week was a fun week for us. While some of you were playing ‘knotsbal’ with the SportCie. Milou, Ciska and I went to the General Members meeting of Mercurius Wageningen. Milou was attending as a special guest, but Ciska and I were joining as members….. It does feel kind of weird, being member of one study association and doing a Board year at another one. Attending the GMM had a good reason, uptill Tuesday I was still member of the First Years Committee. I haven’t done any tasks for this committee since the first years weekend, but officially I was still part of the committee. Tuesday I was officially discharged as committee members, maybe right now it is time to stop being a member of Mercurius….

After the GMM we quickly changed and as the Board of Apollo we went to the constitution drink. Our complete Board was present, which is of course always fun. Maybe I stayed a little to long at the drink and the next day I did have some regrets. I hope the EJC hasn’t noticed when I showed up at their meeting 😉.

Right now it really is time to start to learn for the exams…. Good luck with your exams this week!



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