Board Blog

Last week was quite an average ‘’board week’’ I guess. We started the week with our weekly board meeting, where we had a special guest! Also very important: we picked a theme for our ‘’date dinner’’… On Tuesday, we had a drink with the FoodCie and after that, another constitution drink took place, from study association Pyrus this time. It had already been a long time since we visited a constitution drink! Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the constitution drink myself, because I went to a master open day in Rotterdam (quite a ‘’culture shock’’: students in suits and no separate garbage cans?!). On Wednesday we celebrated Ciska’s birthday and on Thursday we had a nice drink with the board of Heeren 17. After all these days filled with Apollo-activities, my weekend was a bit more relaxing. A little bit of studying and writing assignments, and also meeting with some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, which was a lot of fun. As I said before, a pretty average week!


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