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Dear members,

Last week was not a very busy week for Apollo and I could catch up some sleep 🙂 In the weekend, I celebrated my 20th birthday, so that was really nice. At Monday I helped with a walk along day and I suddenly had eleven high school students having lunch in my (not incredibly big) kitchen. It was a nice experience, there were some really interested students and we gave a small presentation for Apollo. In the evening we had our board meeting at Milou. Tuesday the FoodCie organised a High Tea during lunchtime. I helped making some wraps and I really enjoyed some nice food and tea. I think it was a great succes! At Wednesday I joined the excursion from the LexCie to the Mulier Instituut. This was really interesting. In the evening we did our board evaluation. It was a nice evening with our lovely board ;). The rest of the week, I didn’t have any other events for Apollo. I did some studying and went on an excursion to the anatomic museum with one of our courses. I think this was a really nice week!

Love, Ciska

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