Past events

LinkedIn Training | May 25th

Sorry, this training is in Dutch

Ben jij nog niet zo’n held met LinkedIn, dan is deze training wat voor jou! Apollo organiseert op 25 mei een online LinkedIn training. Hierin zullen in een uur tijd allerlei tips en tricks worden besproken. De training begint om 19.00h en is helemaal gratis. Er is maar een beperkt aantal plekken.

Netflix Party | April 9th

Watch the movie “Hitch” together with Apollo with the use of Netflix Party.

Hitch: While helping his latest client woo the woman of his dreams, a professional “date doctor” finds that his game doesn’t quite work on the gossip columnist with whom he’s smitten.

Click here to dowload Netflix Party

Note: You can only download Netflix Party on chrome. After you downloaded Netflix Party, use the link below to join the movie. The link brings you to the netflix page. Click on the NP button next to your adress bar and you will automatically join the Netflix Party

Use this link to go to the actual movie. We will start the movie at 20.00h.

Online vrijmibo | April 3rd

To make these weird times a bit more fun, we are organizing an online Friday afternoon drink. Do you want to catch up with your study mates and just have a great afternoon during these stressfull times? Join our skype party by clicking on the link below!

PS. Bring your own booze 😉


Bier Bowlen Bitterballen |April 2nd

Houd jij van bier, bowlen en bitterballen? Kom dan naar deze EJC activiteit op donderdag 2 april van 19.45u-21.00u in Bowlingcentrum Groeneveld te Ede! Je kunt je inschrijven tot 31 maart.

Online cards against humanity | April 1st

Do you want to have an old fashioned night of playing games with friends? Then this is the perfect activity for you! The link below will bring you to our skype session, which also contains a link to online cards against humanity, which can be played using skype.

We hope to see you at skype tonight!


Pre-drink Party |March 26th

Come and join the pre-drink party of the BorrelCie! The party takes place at Loburg! For only 2 euros you get 4 consumptions, non-alcoholic or alcoholic and an amazing party. The doors open at 20:30 and there is a possibility to continue the party at Ceres if you can’t get enough. See you at Loburg!!


Codon x Apollo |March 26th

Ben jij nog op zoek naar een (safe) date voor het gala, of wil je gewoon gezellig een drankje doen bij een andere vereniging? Kom dan naar de Apollo x Codon DoMiBo voor maar 50 cent per drankje! Dit wordt na de activiteit automatisch afgeschreven. Het zal plaatsvinden op Forum van 17:00-19:00, het precieze lokaal wordt later nog bekend gemaakt. Je hoeft je niet in te schrijven, kom vooral gezellig even langs!


Uniek Sporten | March 25th

De lexcie presenteert een excursie naar Uniek Sporten! Heb jij altijd al willen weten hoe het is om te sporten met een beperking? Ervaar het zelf op 25 maart van 12:30 tot 16:30!! De excursie bevat een informatief deel en een praktijkdeel. Wij zorgen voor lekkere snacks in de bus, tot dan! De kosten zullen €2 bedragen. Je kunt je vanaf nu inschrijven en de uiterste inschrijfdatum is 23 maart. De uiterste uitschrijfdatum is 24 maart. We vertrekken met de bus vanaf de lebo. Zien we jullie daar?!

High fries | March 4th

Do you like high teas, but do you feel like something different every now and then? And do you not feel like cooking? Then come to Apollo’s High Fries! You are welcome to join us in C0317 on the 4th of March at 19.00. There will be a lot of fries and snacks, and the BorrelCie will provide you with nice drinks. This will only cost 2 euros for Apollo members, and 5 euros for non-members. You can sign up for this activity from February 20th 12:00 till March 2nd 12:00. We hope to see you there!

Board change party | February 26th

The 26th of February we will celebrate the change of the board in the Woeste Hoeve. The party will start at 22.30 (22.00 for members). Put on your tropical outfit and come congratulate the board!

General members meeting | February 26th

The general members meeting will take place the 26th of February. Marieke en Ciska will leave the board and we will welcome the new board members. We will talk about the plans for the coming half year and afterwards we will go to the Woeste Hoeve for the constitution drink. We hope to see you in C0063 at 19.00!

Lecture mental health | February 25th

The Lexcie is back! Would you like to know more about the subject mental health? Visit the lecture Wednesday 25th February of the Trimbos institute in classroom C0075. There will be a free lunch! Hopefully we will see you there!