• President: Milou Verstegen
  • Secretary/Vice-president: Marieke Willemsen
  • Treasurer: Claudia Went
  • Commissionair internal affairs: Dorien de Haan
  • Commissionair external affairs: Ciska den Boer


Hi everyone!

As you probably already know, I’m Milou and I’m the President of Apollo Wageningen!

Over the past six months, I have known the association, the other board members and the other study associations in Wageningen better, and that was so much fun! I had great times on all activities of Apollo and the ‘wisselborrels’ of the other study associations in Wageningen.

In addition to all the fun activities, there was also time for serious business of course: I have, among other things, ensured that all board members did their tasks well, that we carried out our policy and I have led the very first GMM of Apollo, last October.

In addition to Apollo business and my study Health & Society, I luckily still have time to make fun with my ‘Jaarclub’ and ‘Dispute’.

I am really looking forward to my second six months at Apollo. There are new policy plans and various activities are planned already. I’m really proud of my board and everything we have achieved together so far. I hope Apollo will grow even more in the upcoming months!

Do you still have a question? Please feel free to contact me via

I hope to see you on one of our activities!


Hi everybody,

My name is Marieke Willemsen and I am a second year student in the bachelor Health and Society. I am the secretary of the board of Apollo Wageningen. At the beginning of the year I was very busy with all your registrations. At the moment I am responsible for all the incoming mail and the Minutes of all our meetings, for example the board meetings and the general members meetings. I am also present at all the meetings of the First Years Committee as a ‘watching-over’ board member. I really enjoy this task, because last year I was a member of the First Years Committee of Mercurius. Besides those serious board activities, I am often present at the activities organised by Apollo and board change parties organised by other study associations.

Besides my tasks in the board and my study, I have enough time to do other things. Almost every weekend I am in Groningen. Where I spent a lot of time with my friends. We, for example, go to the city centre to have drinks or we play board- and card games the entire evening.

In the past half year I really enjoyed being a board member of Apollo Wageningen. I have learned new things and met a lot of people. I am really looking forward to the upcoming six months in the board. In the next months I hope to be able to focus more on creating an Alumni-file and of course I hope to meet more members of Apollo.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email;

I hope to see you at one of our activities in the upcoming half year!


I have been treasurer of the study association Apollo Wageningen for the last half year. This means that I’m responsible for all the financial matters of Apollo. I will happily continue and I will try to pass along everything to my successor. At the moment I am busy switching our payment system to an automatic collection system. This system is a lot easier than sending everybody a Tikkie after each activity 😊

During my board year I had the pleasure meeting a lot of you guys. I am especially looking forward meeting those who I haven’t met before. Do you have any further questions? Feel free to contact me at

See you soon!


Hi everyone!

The second half year of my board year of Apollo! What seemed like a challenge at the beginning of this year, actually still is… Where I usually try to seek challenges myself, I now don’t have to make so much effort for that since I’m on the Apollo board. Luckily I am still enjoying it.

I think we have accomplished a lot of things we couldn’t even think of at the beginning of our Apollo-adventure, in June. However, I can still name quite a lot of things I wish for Apollo and am ready to work on that in the second half year. I guess we all are: I’m very happy with my fellow board members!

I am looking forward to keep working together with the committees, as commissioner Internal Affairs, and I even hope to set up a few new committees. Also, a few new tasks came up for me, having to do with education, which I really enjoy doing.

I hope you, as a member of Apollo, are also looking forward to the upcoming half year. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have ideas for Apollo activities!

Apollo-Wageningen_116Hi everyone!

My name is Ciska den Boer and I’m 19 years old. I am a second year health and society student. I am from a small village near Rotterdam and beside my study I like dancing, ice skating, baking and cooking, and of course doing things with friends. Within the board, my function is Commissioner external affairs. This means I am responsible for the social media and website and I keep contact with companies. In addition, I’m the supervisor in the FoodCie, which I really like to do!

Past half year was amazing and I am really proud of what we made of Apollo. We’ve came a lot further than we expected. Besides enjoying the serious part of being a board member, I really like the social part. I’ve met a lot of great people and really enjoy the activities of Apollo and with the other boards!

For upcoming half year, I hope we can make something even more beautiful from Apollo. I hope I can focus more on sponsorships this half year. Past half year I’ve mostly been busy with the marketing part of my function and creating our website.

If you have some questions, you can send me an email to!

Love, Ciska