As a member of Apollo, you have the possibility to be active within the association by joining a committee. Committees organise in general one activity per period and have meetings once a week.

Why should you join a committee?

  • You get to know new people and expand your network; together you are working on a close and active association
  • You gain new experiences
  • Personal development; you learn things like organising, working together and making plans, which can help you further on in your study or job
  • You can get in contact with companies
  • Addition to your resume
  • And it is so much fun!

Because Apollo is still young, we do have 6 committees right now. These are the LexCie, BorrelCie, First Years Committee, Axie, FoodCie and the SponsorCie. If you want to join one of the committees or you have any good ideas, let us know! If you are interested or if you’ve got questions or recommendations, please contact or fill in this form below!

Hereby the  committees briefly explained and the current members:

Axie: Organizes all kinds of fun activities for all Apollo members, ranging from sport activities to pubquizes.

The Axie currently consist of:

Chair: Dafne Linders

Secratery: Selina Veenstra

Treasurer: Sanne Kneppers

Promotion: Marleen Jans & Kylie Goutziers

BorrelCie: Organizes nice drinks every period to get to know everyone from our study and have a tasty drink together. If you’ve got some nice ideas or want to ask a question, don’t hesitate to contact the BorrelCie by mailing

The BorrelCie currently consist of:

Chair: Maaike Bakker

Treasurer: Steffie Batta

Promotion: Lis van Gaal

Supporting member: Joep Bottenheft

Foodcie:  Organizes activities with food! Think of cozy lunches, bitterballen bingo and much more. With question or ideas, you can mail to

The FoodCie created a cookbook with all the members with easy and delicious recipes for your student life! APOLLO FOODCIE KOOKBOEK

The Foodcie currently consist of:

Chair: Kylie Goutziers

Secratery: Roy Eeren

Treasurer: Iben Vermunt

Promotion/ Supporting member: Damaris Gijrath & Sophie van der Kamp

Lexcie: Organizes lectures and excursions. These activities are all study related. Examples are a lecture from someone from the workfield of health and society or an excursion to a company you could work after graduating. You can always contact the LexCie by mailing to

The LexCie currently consist of:

Chair: Suzanne Prins

Secratery: Kirsten Roman

Treasurer: Tina Egberts

Promotion: Iben Vermunt

Sponsorcie:  Together with the commissioner of external affairs the sponsorcie is  looking for interesting partnerships with companies in our range of expertise. In this way Apollo can contribute to the development of all members by helping them to get in touch with these companies. We find partnerships by looking for potential new partners and initiating and maintaining contact with them. Do you want to work on your networking skills, help Apollo with finding new partnerships and join an enthusiastic committee? Contact our Commissioner of Internal Affairs through

Is your company interested in a partnership with Apollo Wageningen? You can also contact our Commissioner of External Affairs through

The SponsorCie currently consist of:

Marieke Willemsen

Ciska den Boer

Tessa Hommes

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