Current board


The current board exists of:

  • President: Marieke Willemsen
  • Secretary/Vice-President: Joann Klei
  • Treasurer: Dafne Linders
  • Commissioner internal affairs: Noa Ober
  • Commissioner external affairs: Ciska den Boer
  • Commissioner educational affairs: Mara Hendriks

Marieke WillemsenApollo-172.jpg

Hi everyone,

My name is Marieke Willemsen and some of you might know me from last year. Right now I am a third year student in the bachelor Health and Society. After a year of being the secretary of Apollo Wageningen, I will become president of the association. As president I will be responsible that the policy will be carried out, I will ensure all the Board members carry out their tasks and I will lead the GMM. Of course you can also find me at the activities of Apollo and at the drinks of other study associations.
I am really looking forward to be part of the Board of Apollo for the upcoming half year with the new Boardmembers. I hope to see you all at the activities of Apollo and make the year as nice as it was last year!
If you have any questions for me, you can always contact me via

Joann KleiApollo-207.jpg

My name is Joann Klei, second year student of the bachelor Health and Society, and from now on I will be the secretary of Apollo Wageningen! In the past year I was president of the first years committee from Apollo, which I found very exciting and where I have learned a lot. I hope to continue to do so in my new function, which I am looking forward to!
In my spare time I like to hang out with friends, cook something new and sometimes I like to do something creative. On most weekends you can find me somewhere between Assen and Groningen, at family or friends.
I hope to attend lots of activities to get to know you even better, and don’t hesitate to visit us in our ‘hok’!

Dafne LindersApollo-286

Hi all!
My name is Dafne Linders, and I am a second year Health and Society student. I used to live in Amsterdam for my first study, but I moved to the beautiful town Wageningen for this study. I love to row and play badminton in my spare time, as well as meeting my friends.
I am the treasurer of the second board of Apollo Wageningen! I will keep an eye on all the finances of our study association. My goal is to make Apollo Wageningen a bigger and more successful study association as it’s a new association. I am really looking forward to this year as a member of the board and I hope to see you all in our new ‘hok’ and at the activities of our association!

Noa OberApollo-218.jpg

Hi everyone,
My name is Noa Ober and I am a second year student of the Bachelor Society and Health. This year I will be the Commissionair Internal Affairs. This means that I am responsible for the committees of Apollo.
Besides my study I’m also into Franciscus and student football team. In my free time I like to do running, cooking and hanging out with friends.
I hope this will be a nice year with a lot of fun acitivities! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or visit the new Apollo hok at the Leeuwenborch!


Ciska den BoerApollo-267 1

Hi everyone!

I am Ciska, 20 years old and a third year bachelor student. You might know me from last year as commissioner external affairs of Apollo. This upcoming half year, I’ll continue with this function. Being commissioner of external affairs means that I will be responsible for the social media, website and promotion of activities and I will be in contact with companies as well. I am really looking forward towards this year. I want to achieve more with the sponsoring part of my function compared to last year.

Past year was amazing and I am really proud of what we achieved with this board. I learned a lot and I think I developed myself in a good way. The upcoming half year I want to learn and develop even more. And besides the serious part of being a board member, I really like the social part of course. I hope I will meet more great people this year and I am looking forward to nice activities. I hope to see you soon!

If you have any questions for me, send an email to

Love, Ciska

Mara HendriksApollo-294.jpg

Hi everyone!

My name is Mara and I’m the Commissioner Education of the board Apollo Wageningen! I’m 19 years old and I’m a second-year health and society student. After being part of the SportCie of Apollo in my first year, I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to join the board of Apollo this year.

I am excited to be the first Commissioner Education in the board of Apollo. As my function of Commissioner Education, I am responsible for the course evaluations, the ‘meeloopdagen’ and the Bachelor ceremonies.

Though, most important are you! I will be there for all your questions or comments about our study. Feel free to contact me at

Hope to see you at one of our activities!