Current board


The current board exists of:

  • President: Joann Klei
  • Secretary/Vice-President: Sanne Kneppers
  • Treasurer: Dafne Linders
  • Commissioner internal affairs: Noa Ober
  • Commissioner external affairs: Tessa Hommes
  • Commissioner educational affairs: Mara Hendriks

Joann Klei

My name is Joann Klei, I’m a second year student of the bachelor Health and Society, and president of Apollo Wageningen! Last half year, I’ve learned a lot fulfilling the role of secretary in the former board, but now it is time to take on a new adventure! Fortunately, I don’t have to do this on my own and look forward together with some new people. In my spare time I like to hang out with friends, grab a drink or (try) to cook something delicious. On weekends you can find me somewhere in the North of the Netherlands, at family or friends. I hope to meet you all during activities or come visit us in our ‘hok’!​



Sanne Kneppers

Hi everyone,
My name is Sanne and I am the new Secretary of Apollo Wageningen! I am 18 years old and I am a first-year student of the bachelor Health and Society. I am also the president of the first years committee, which I still love to do. Besides my study, I am also a member of KSV St. Franciscus, where I can also be found a few times a week! I like to spend the rest of my spare with my friends.
I am really looking forward to this year as a member of the board and hope to see you at one of the activities. There is always someone in ‘het hok’ at lunchtime, so feel free to walk in! If you have any questions you can always mail to

Dafne Linders

Hi all!


My name is Dafne, and I am a second year Health and Society student. My first half year as treasurer of Apollo Wageningen was amazing. I learned a lot, met a lot of new people and made lifelong friendships. I am really excited for my second half year as a board member. I hope to get to know more amazing people and have a great time with the new board members.

This coming half year I hope to see all of you at our activities and please don’t forget to visit our ‘hok’ where we will provide you some coffee or tea!


Noa Ober

Dear Apollo members,


We are halfway trough the year now what means that I started my second term as commissioner of internal affairs at Apollo Wageningen! For me, the first half of my board year went with ups and downs. I think there is a lot more to learn! At the same time, I enjoy all the fun and nice people I meet! In short, I look back on a lot of fun moments with Apollo and I look forward to my second half year as board member at Apollo!

All the committees are busy organising some nice activities every period for the Apollo members! I hope to see you all with the next activities or in our Hok! 🙂

For all your questions, you can send me an email to:


Tessa Hommes

Hi everyone,


My name is Tessa and I will be the commissioner external affairs of Apollo Wageningen this coming year. I am a twenty year old first year Health and Society student. I am also a member of SSR-W, so in my free time I enjoy hanging out at their association building with my friends.

As commissioner external affairs, I am responsible for contact with sponsors as well as keeping our website and social media up to date. I am really looking forward to doing these tasks, while also having fun with the other girls in the board. This will be an educational year for me, in which I hope to grow as a person.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or pass by “het hok” during lunch time.


Mara Hendriks

Hi everyone!


My name is Mara and I’m the Commissioner Education of Apollo Wageningen! I’m 19 years old and I’m a second-year Health and Society student at the WUR. Besides studying and doing tasks for the board, I like to row with my team at Argo.

I’m excited to stay your Commissioner Education the upcoming half year. As the Commissioner Education I join the meetings of the programme committee where we discuss important matters about our study. So, if you have any comments on the study or certain courses you can let me know!
Furthermore, I am busy with updating the summaries for the drive, organising educational activities for Apollo members, like excursions or a career event, and organising the Bachelor ceremonies.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions!

Love, Mara