History of Apollo Wageningen
The bachelor Health and Society (BGM) is offered at the Wageningen UR since 2006, it has a Master programme that follows on to the bachelor; Communication, Health and Life Sciences (MCH). In the first years there were very little students and it was not possible for the programme to have its own association. So the programme joined Mercurius Wageningen, the association for the Bachelor Management and Consumer studies, the Bachelor Economics and Governance and Master Management, Economics and Consumer Studies.

When more students started in the Bachelor Health and Society, the idea arose to set up a new association only for students of BGM and MCH. In 2018 Mercurius decided to assemble in a General Members Meeting (GMM) to vote about the future BGM and MCH. During that GMM it was decided to set up a new association and a group of former Board members and active members from BGM started with the foundation for a new association.

On the 27th of June in 2018 Apollo Wageningen was officially founded. The first Board consisted of Milou Verstegen, Marieke Willemsen, Claudia Went, Dorien de Haan and Ciska den Boer. In the first months Apollo Wageningen did not organise a lot of activities, but its members were allowed to join the activities of Mercurius Wageningen. Behind the scenes the Board was busy setting up a good foundation for the association. Since the 27th of February in 2019 Apollo Wageningen was independent from Mercurius Wageningen and activities were organised and more members joined.

Right now, Apollo Wageningen is a small but close association who offers a lot of fun and educational activities. Our members are a diverse group of people with a lot of different interests, but they all have one in common; health.

Apollo is a study association, this means that it is an association for students who follow the same study. Apollo focusses on development of its members on an educational, professional and social level. Apollo tries to do so by organising lectures, excursions, career days, social drinks, parties, dinners and sport activities and by providing summaries and information about internships and jobs to its members.

The name Apollo
The name of the study association is Apollo. In 2018 members were allowed to send in ideas for the name of the new association. After voting Apollo came out as the winner. Apollo is the Greek god of the sun, music, poetry and medicine. This seemed like a fitting name for the association for Health and Society, because it shows the sunny character of the association and the relation with health care. Furthermore, Apollo is a symbol for rationality, which is related to the university.

The logo of Apollo
The logo of Apollo Wageningen was designed by the first board of the association (of course with a little help). Our logo consists of three different symbols. The first one is an apple, it stands for a healthy lifestyle. The second symbol is a person, which stands for the society and the third one is speech cloud, which of course stands for communication. Those three pillars, health, society and communication, are most important during our study programme and therefore in our association.

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