If you want to know what the plans of the board for Apollo for the upcoming half year are, read our policy!

Here you will find the privacy policy of Apollo Wageningen: 

Privacy beleid Apollo Wageningen English

You can find our internal regulations over here. The first one is in Dutch and will always be leading. The second one is the translation into English. No rights can be derived from that document.

HR Apollo Wageningen

Internal Regulations translation

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of Apollo Wageningen

  1. Membership
    • Membership will automatically continue into the next Academic Year unless unsubscribing as a member before the First of October 2019. The members has to pay the contribution of the current Academic year is he/she unsubscribes after the First of October 2019.
    • The membership contribution can be adapted yearly during the General Members Meeting. The new contribution will be introduced at the start of the new Academic Year.
    • The membership ends trough unsubscribing by the member, after Master graduation, unsubscribing by the Board or death of the member.

1.2.1. Unsubscribing as a member of Apollo Wageningen is only possible through mail.

1.2.2. After Bachelor graduation, the member is personlly responsible for unsubscribing as a member of Apollo Wageningen if he/she is not continuing with a Masters that is represented by Apollo Wageningen.

1.2.3 The Board is authorized to suspend a member for a maximum period of three months. This counts in a situation where a member repeatedly does not act in accordance to its membership obligation or raises the association serious harm. During the period that a member is suspended, membership rights are not valid. In exceptional cases, the Board has the right to discharge a member entirely from the association. The whole procedure is described in the Statutes and Internal Regulations of Apollo Wageningen, which are available in the room of Apollo Wageningen.

  1. Profile data

2.1 Apollo Wageningen has the right to use the profile data for purpose within the association

2.2 Apollo Wageningen does not provide profile data to external parties.

The extended privacy policy of Apollo Wageningen is available at the website.

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