Lustrum I

Day 1

On day one we will have pizzas and a drink together to start off the Delphinios Lustrum at the Rijn. After, we will go to the Infinity Pool Cafe to show our pooling skills! We will let you know the exact location at the Rijn later!

If you want to join at the pool cafe, please sign up here.

Day 2

We are organising a symposium on the second day of the Delphinios Lustrum. The speakers will be announced later on! If you want to come and listen to these interesting Health and Society related speakers, please subscribe below. We will also provide some drinks and snacks naturally 🙂

When the symposium is over you can share your newfound knowledge with your study friends at the drink at H41. This drink is also open for Alumni, so this might be a good opportunity to get to know the people that have already graduated from your studies! 

For Alumni: this drink is a great occasion to catch up with your Apollo friends or to create new ones. We hope to see many of you there! Please subscribe below if you want to come to the H41 borrel.

If you want to join one or more activities on day 2, please sign up here.

Day 3

To celebrate the last day of the Delphinios Lustrum, we will have a lunch organized by the Foodcie!

A surprise activity will be taking place during the evening, we will keep you updated about this 🙂

An overview of the entire three-day lustrum:

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