Fries and drinks party October 6th

Valentine high tea February 17th

New Years drink January 14th

Chicks love chocolate November 12th

General Members Meeting September 18th

First years pizza and cocktail party June 19th

FoodCie festival June 6th

Bubble football tournament June 5th

First years freakshake workshop May 15th

Batavierenrace May 10th-12th

Career evening April 17th

Excursion Mulier Instituut April 3rd

High Tea Lunch April 2nd

General members meeting February 27th

Lecture JOGG February 21st

First years committee sushi workshop February 20th

Lecture GGD January 16th

First-years Global Lunch November 27th

Lecture Cure4 November 20th

Bitterballenbingo November 13th

General Members Meeting Oktober 31st


Firstyearsweekend 5-7 oktober

Oprichting Apollo Wageningen 27 juni


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