We made new hoodies and you don’t want to miss them! They are very soft and have a cool print, and all of that for a nice price. so fill in this form before next friday, and then you can come pick them up at the hok soon.

You can also buy the merchandise below. Here, you can view our merch line that you absolutely have to have. Through the following link you can let us know which merchandise you would like to have, or you can come pick the items up at the Hok at any time!

For more information, email to

Cotton bag

You can see it coming from miles away: the bright red Apollo bag. For only 1 euro you can carry all your stuff in this very sustainable canvas bag.

Coffee mug

This coffee mug is perfect for sitting out long days at the Lebo, and very sustainable as well! The price is 3,50.

Bottle opener

For when you’re chilling at the Rijn with some Holger, but you don’t have anything to open it: the perfect solution. Or just to pimp your keys and show your love for Apollo for only 50 cents.

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